Human Brain!

Well, I would start with working of our complicated ‘Human Brain’.
There are so many mysteries and unknown facts of our brain that our scientists and researchers are still conducting lots of tests and complicated examinations to derive a final theory on the working it.
Ok, So let me go back to the subject which i would like to blog.
In my childhood i read in some book(I do not remember the author’s name)that God almighty defines or rather ascertains that ‘The Brain’ by birth inherits talents irrespective of the sex and age.That is to say that the brain at a time can definitely handle the talents, provided they have been recognised at appropriate situations. For example some are analytical,creative,logical etc.So,in a few renowned people intellectually they could have identified some,nurtured
some,excelled some and some of course unidentified and unnoticed.
I would like to add-Biological portion of the brain, can be classified,nomenclature can be given and analysis can be done part by part and finally infer their activities but when it comes to the working, ‘Functional’-each human brain behaves in one pattern at that particular instance.Thus, in a group of people where a discussion or a deliberation is done each person comes up with one idea which might match or mismatch with the others.At the end, in a lifespan of 45 years i could conclude that the human behaviour is a complex subject to deal with in terms of its understanding and working.
Good bye for the day.
Will be back soon with another interesting topic.


A New-bee!

Hello all! My name is Lalitha Suresh and I’ve just tried my hand in blogging. It will take me awhile to go through all these blog features, but rest assured, I’ll come up with new articles, talk about my various interests, my deepest passion and various other hobbies in the posts to come. That way, you will all come to know more about me,eventually. So,please bear with any mistakes or short comings that I may make ( Will make, I love to learn continuously from my mistakes 🙂 ) and any feedbacks and suggestions or criticisms are always welcome to make me a better blogger, and of course, a better person.

So that’s it about me for now, because my eyelids want to hug each other so badly. Yes, I’m very sleepy!

So see you all in the next post where I’ll talk about an article on “Talents of a Human Brain” which evidently no one is aware of, and make it as interesting as possible.

Ok. Bye all!

Until later.